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About Us

RBH Sales has been a trusted e-commerce partner for over 25 years. With multiple selling channels, RBH treats all merchandise as their own. We personally inspect, package for protection, and ship every item sold. Our team has systems to double check all orders. In addition, RBH Sales can create or improve listings for your business. They have been creating listings since 2000 on the Amazon Marketplace, with many ranking in the top 10,000 within a week of launch. Our team is ready to partner with you to grow your reach to additional customers. Contact us to see how we can work together.

Sun Moon Solar Eclipse Glasses

Home of Sol & Mani Solar Eclipse Glasses

Meet the Owner

Dr. Tracey Shelley is the owner of RBH Sales. She started this business in her basement in 1997 as a hobby while teaching school full-time. In 2000, she moved into the corporate world and for 21 years led teams in the areas of product & program management, training, and technical consulting. These years honed her business skills and kept her business thriving.

In 2021, Tracey left her corporate job and devoted herself to her business full-time. In this time RBH Sales has seen exponentional growth, adding locations and staff. She helps other e-commerce sellers improve processes & systems through her coaching. She is committed to ensuring her business provides exceptional customer service to all.

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P: 816-786-0501

I: @7figuregrammy